A Firm believer, and a motivated hard worker, Ayush Akar started his second startup All India Legal Forum which is the brainchild of several legal luminaries and eminent personalities across the country and the globe. He is pursuing B.A.LLB (Hons) from National Law University Odisha. He has published many articles and research papers in the various legal platforms of India. He is the founder of the Society of Law and Literature which is his first legal startup at National Law University Odisha. He is a practical person and rational wherein he handles all situations well. He’s capable, confident, altruistic, imaginative, amicable and fluent-thereby never at a loss for words. His aim towards this organization is very adaptive and he manages and improvises things really well. He has recently launched two intiatives Centre for Legal Research, Foreign and Public Policy and School of IPR and Commercial Laws.


A student of law, Shubhank Suman is always keen to learn new developments in the legal field and keep himself updated with current trending legal topics. He is co-founder of All India Legal Forum. He always had a dream of having a blog to share his own views, discuss and understand different perspectives in the legal fraternity. He firmly believes in expanding his horizons of thought, and careful yet extravagant efforts in domains he is part of. Currently pursuing undergraduate degree in Law at National Law University, Odisha. He has aspired in serving people to the largest capacity possible.

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