• Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility
    Utility explains that as a person consumes an item or a product, the satisfaction or utility that they derive from the product wanes as they consume more and more of that product. For example, an individual might buy a certain type of chocolate for a while. Soon, they may buy less and choose another type … Continue reading Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility
  • Political Pundits
    A pundit is a person who offers to mass media their opinion or commentary on a particular subject area (most typically political analysis, the social sciences, technology or sport) on which they are knowledgeable (or can at least appear to be knowledgeable), or considered a scholar in said area. The term has been increasingly applied to popular media personalities.[1] In certain cases, it may be used in a derogatory manner as … Continue reading Political Pundits
  • Functions of Parliament
    India has a parliamentary system of government. The Union Parliament is the supreme legislative body in the country. The Indian Parliament is a bicameral legislature consisting of two houses – the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. The members of the Lok Sabha (House of the People) are directly elected by the people through the … Continue reading Functions of Parliament
  • Citizenship Act of 1955: Provisions and Amendments
    The Citizenship Act, 1955 and its Amendments deal with the acquisition and termination of citizenship in India. Moreover, the Constitution has also provided citizenship rights for Overseas Citizen of India, Non-Resident Indians, and Persons of Indian Origin.IntroductionThe term citizenship refers to the enjoyment of full membership of any community or state in which a citizen; … Continue reading Citizenship Act of 1955: Provisions and Amendments
  • Important Events of Indian Freedom Struggle
    Home Rule Movement: The Extremists team which had a radical viewpoint in attaining national freedom started a movement. This movement was solely started by B.G. Tilak which created public agitation on a large scale. The people agitatedly came forward for the home rule. The home rule league decided on taking up and adopting a self-government … Continue reading Important Events of Indian Freedom Struggle
  • India Pulls Out of Kavkaz 2020
    Recently, India has withdrawn its participation from Kavkaz 2020, a multinational tri-services exercise in Russia, citing Covid-19 as the official reason. Key PointsOther Possible Reasons for Withdrawal: Participation of Chinese, Turkish and Pakistani troops.The standoff at Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China has been ongoing since May 2020 and several rounds of talks for disengagement have failed to end the impasse. However, … Continue reading India Pulls Out of Kavkaz 2020
  • Law Of Supply
    The law of supply reflects the general tendency of the sellers in offering their stock of a commodity for sale in relation to the varying prices.It describes seller’s supply behaviour under given conditions. It has been observed that usually sellers are willing to supply more with a rise in prices.The law of supply may be … Continue reading Law Of Supply
  • Amendment Procedure Of Indian Constitution.
    Article 368 of the Indian Constitution mentions two types of amendments to the Indian Constitution. One type of amendment is by a special majority of the Parliament (Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha) and the second type of the amendment is the by a special majority of the Parliament with the ratification by half of the … Continue reading Amendment Procedure Of Indian Constitution.
  • The Municipalities.
    Definition243P. In this Part, unless the context otherwise requires,—(a) “Committee” means a Committee constituted under article 243S;(b) “district” means a district in a State;(c) “Metropolitan area” means an area having a population of ten lakhs or more, comprised in one or more districts and consisting of two or more Municipalities or Panchayats or other contiguous areas, specified by the … Continue reading The Municipalities.
  • Phases of Indian Foreign Policy
    The very structure of the international order is undergoing a profound transformation. This can be attributed by various geopolitical events.USA’s unilateralism under America First policy.Re-balancing of the global economy: The rise of China, India etc.Return of old empires: Resurgence of Russia, Iran or Turkey.Geopolitical Flux in the Middle East: Crisis in Syria & Afghanistan, Reign … Continue reading Phases of Indian Foreign Policy
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